Your Dance Portraits Should Reveal Your Inner Dancer

Why capture a still image of movement? That’s a paradox, isn’t it?

Actually, I’ve found that a dance photo is one of the best ways to showcase:

  • Talent
  • Energy
  • The amazing features of the human body
  • Passion

Yes, passion—your inner dancer—can transcend through an image if it’s done right.

Did you get that? It has to be done right. So I want to run through some crucial aspects. Let’s turn the images captured during your dance photography session into masterpieces. You’ll be in awe of them as your audience is in awe of your dancing.

What to Do as Dancer

A dance portrait is not a representation of your genre, sport or theme. It’s supposed to represent you.

Allow Trust

In any photography session the photographer hopes to build relationship with the subject. This leads to a comfortable atmosphere where everyone can relax and people’s true characters are revealed. Photographs taken in these circumstances are more engaging and true to the subjects because smiles aren’t fake & the bond between people can be seen.

It’s no different with dance photography.

It’s your responsibility to allow the photographer into your world. Allow trust to form so you’re at ease and you can give your best performance.

Practical Tips

On a more practical note, you should keep this in mind during preparation:

  • Pick music that suits your inner dancer
  • Wear clothes that display your character
  • Clothing should showcase movement to enhance the images
  • Pick a dance that has meaning, because your connection to the piece shows in the photos

Don’t worry. You’re not alone in this project.

The Photographer’s Responsibility

For me as the photographer, I know the responsibility I carry. Here’s what I will add to get the most out of your dance photography session:

  • Let’s pick a backdrop that carries—and enforces—the message.
  • The photographer must take control of the photography sessions so you can simply focus on dancing.
  • An expert should advise you on clothing, hair and make-up. When you know you made the right decisions you’ll relax and display confidence.
  • Using quality equipment with the right shutter speed and focus features creates clear images.
  • Lighting from the right angles will complement colors, movement and facial features.

But it’s not only about the technical aspects.

Your dance photographer needs to understand your message and the deeper meaning of dance. After all, you’re communicating with your body and the photographer must capture the right moments so others can see your message.

The End Result

Why do you dance? Isn’t it so others can experience what you feel when you move? That’s the power of performing arts.

And now—with modern photography equipment—and a devoted photographer, a moment can be captured instead of it passing. A perfect moment can be displayed so others can see—feel—your message. Are you ready to share your inner dancer with a new type of audience?

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