In 2015 Doc set out to celebrate the human body. A friend of his from the gym asked him to photograph her and sent him some inspiration images from’s Bodies of Work series. While this friend was not the first that Doc photographed for this project, she was the inspiration and the one who put the idea into Doc’s head.
The project began as a celebration of fitness in the Austin community because Doc has been a fitness photographer in Austin for a number of years. The first series, The Light Sessions, was directly inspired by the Bodies of Work series and was intended to highlight the strength and development of the participants. This quickly shifted to include obstacle course racers, yogis and acroyogis, dancers, baseball players, soccer players, and others who wanted to participate in the celebration. Subsequently, Doc executed The Dark Sessions, aerial sessions, bodyscapes, graffiti painting on bodies, and body painting. The Austin Bodies Project continues today as people volunteer or as the opportunity arises among Doc’s other work and projects.
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I had an amazing experience at Doc List Photography. He’s truly an artist! – Molly

Celebrate the human form...

About Austin Bodies Project

The Austin Bodies Project is a celebration of the human body. Since Doc lives in Austin, Texas, it primarily includes people who live in Austin. Occasionally we get someone who comes from out of town. This style of work is available to you in the same way that boudoir is available from other photographers. Doc’s style developed out of his work with dozens of models and clients.

The Austin Bodies Project Process


We begin every engagement with a consultation. For this work, it's especially important for us to understand why you're doing this and what you'd like to get out of it. Our clients have chosen things as varied as digital images, books, and wall art of various sizes.

Photo Session

Since many of our clients have never been photographed professionally before coming to us, and most have never been nude in front of someone other than a partner, we work very hard to make sure that you are comfortable, treated respectfully and professionally, and that you have a joyful experience. We provide robes and kimonos, set the temperature to be comfortable, and work at a pace that allows you to settle into the experience. For your confidence, we have a locked-door policy for the studio during these sessions.

Prints & Products

We offer prints of various sizes and types, custom framing, digital products, and a juicy variety of physical products.

Doc was very easy to work with and was patient with me when I wanted to redo the same shot a million times. He has such a collaborative, artistic spirit, and I really appreciated how that enabled us to get some amazing photos! – Danielle
I really enjoyed working with Doc! Thank you for the beautiful photos of my aerial work! – Tolly


We guarantee that you will be satisfied. If you are not, for any reason, we will refund your session fee and replace your art.

Austin Bodies Project Photos


Complementary Digital Images

Everything you buy in print you will get a social media digital.

Painted Portraits

In addition to prints of various sizes and types, custom framing, digital products, and other physical products, we also offer digitally painted portraits. This process, done on the computer, takes your photographs and turns them into portraits that look like they were hand-painted. We only provide this option for prints and canvases that are 20″ x 24″ and larger.

Keepsakes & Wall Art


Prints might be something to put on your coffee table or hang on your wall. When we talk about prints we include photographic prints on professional photographic paper or specialty surface (wood, metal, acrylic, for instance).


Canvas includes two categories: mounted canvas prints framed or suitable for framing, and gallery wrap canvas. Gallery wraps are canvas on a stretcher with hanging hardware on the back. No frame, no stand, just the canvas to be hung on the wall.

Laser-Etched Crystal

Current technology allows for images to be etched into the material (acrylic, glass, or crystal). These are suitable for putting on desks, display shelves, or around the house.

Books & Albums

Books are intended to have some text/content in them, along with your beautiful images. Albums are intended to be mostly – or all – images. The quality of the materials and production is similar in both, although books are intended to look more like… well… books.

Frequently Asked Questions

We require it for these sessions. Your escort/chaperone may be in the camera room only with your permission. Otherwise, they are required to remain in the lobby area and enjoy our complimentary refreshments.
Since we shoot tethered, that means that you can scan the images during and immediately after the session. For your selections, however, we will schedule a private viewing session.
Only with your permission. We will review images with you and get your specific permission as to what we are allowed to share. Only images that meet Facebook’s and Instagram’s rules are ever posted publicly.
All posing is done by agreement, and you have ultimate control over everything we do together. If you want to be sexy or erotic, that’s up to you. We do not do full-frontal nudity, photos of genitalia, or other such work.

Your Viewing & Ordering Appointment

Because each person or family has different goals, we don’t package products. Rather we get together with you after the session and after we’ve had a chance to go through the images. At that viewing session, you will decide what images you want and what products.

Awesome in the best word to describe Doc. He immediately made me feel safe and comfortable for the photoshoot. Combining his gift and knowledge, he was able to take some truly beautiful shots. – S. David

Photography Resources

Directions to the Studio

8711 Burnet Road is the North Austin Business Center. Building B is not directly on Burnet Road or Polaris Avenue.

Take Burnet Road to Polaris Avenue. Polaris Avenue is only on the east side of Burnet Road and is the first left south of Research Blvd/183. It is across the street from U-Haul and there’s a sign for Buddy’s Place on the corner of Burnet & Polaris.

Turn onto Polaris and drive past the island in the middle of the street. Take an immediate left into the complex and you will be facing Building D. Take an immediate left and an immediate right and you will be in the parking area between Buildings C & D and looking straight at Building B. Park anywhere in this lot. Walk to the walkway in front of Building B and turn right. The studio is the last door on the left and the signs above the door and on the window say Doc List Photography.

If the lot between buildings C & D is full go around Building D to the lot between Buildings D & E (you’ll see the roll-up garage doors on the backs of the businesses in Building D). Go to the walkway on your left between Buildings D & B. The studio is the first door on your right.

About Doc List Photography

Doc List is an award-winning Austin photographer specializing in headshots, portraits and dance photography.

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