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Are you interested in Dance Photography in Austin? I will be scheduling workshops every month!

Are you interested in Fine Art (Nude) Photography in Austin? Ditto!

Because of my expertise in working with Photoshop and Lightroom I will also be offering workshops in Creating Composites in Photoshop, Workflow in Lightroom, and more!

Doc List's Dance Photography Experience

Sure, you could recruit or hire a dancer and take pictures. But wouldn't you like the images you capture to be breathtaking?

In Doc's workshops, that's what you'll get!

These workshops are full-day experiences in Doc’s studio in North Austin. There will be 4 dancers (or more!) who will dance and pose for you. In some cases they will dance and pose together.

The dance style might be ballet (there will always be at least one ballerina), contemporary, jazz, or one of a variety of styles. The goal is for you to experience photographing dancers, movement, and communication. You will learn about lighting, building rapport with the dancers, seeing and anticipating their movement, and more.

Doc List's Fine Art Photography Experience

If you love the human body the way that I do, then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you learn about how to pose and photograph the human body, unclothed and partially clothed, to create images that stir the imagination and inspire the spirit. You experiment with lighting, posing, and communication. As with any of our workshops that include models (that is, everything that is not a computer/software workshop), you will learn to build rapport with the models and communicate effectively.

These are full-day workshops with a maximum of six participants. During the day we work with up to three different models. They might be dancers or athletes or… who knows? You will learn from Doc as well as your fellow participants. Each participant brings their own experience and background and aesthetic.

Compositing to Create Remarkable Art

This workshop takes you to the next level!

In this workshop you learn how to do effective, believable extractions, regardless of the subject’s setting (although we will discuss shooting for extraction). You learn how to effectively place your subject in a new setting so that they are properly anchored and believable. We do all of this specifically with dance images, like the one here, so that you will have a clear idea of how to take that next step and turn your vision into reality. And you will do it and repeat it in class so that it will stick.


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