The Hexagon Project began in a circuitous way. At one point I had the idea to have a set of acrylic cubes made with the idea of photographing people in the cubes. Then I discovered that having just one cube made could cost me $1500. So I put that aside.

A couple of years ago, with that idea still in the back of my mind, I saw a picture of some hexagon-shaped decorative shelves and got to thinking. Wood must be less expensive that acrylic/lucite, right? So while I was thinking about this I made a new friend at the gym who, among his talents, did some carpentry work. We talked about my idea for hexagons large enough to put a person in – ultimately 3 feet in diameter – and he agreed to build a couple for me.

Once the hexagons were done – large enough for a seated person, strong enough to stand on – I began to wonder what to do with them. I started with a session for my Austin Bodies Project, which came off very well. Then I thought “What if I just invite random people to come to be photographed in the hexagon?” That was the real beginning of this project. I posted on Facebook, invited people to wear whatever they wanted (and it ranged from ball gowns and tuxedos to burlesque costumes to nothing at all) and pose in the hexagon. The response was tremendous.
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Very enjoyable and creative session! I had a lot of fun and the photos showed it. I’m very thankful for this wonderful collaboration!- Sandie

Exercise your imagination...

About the Hexagon Project

I told each “model” the same story: “You just woke up, or you were getting ready for work, or you were about to take a shower or stop for lunch or go out for the evening, and you sneezed or you blinked, and you found yourself in the hexagon.

“When you lean out of the hexagon you realize that you’re in one of many, all forming a wall of hexagons. You look in every direction, and you see people in the other hexagons. You might wave to some of them, or they might wave to you. You might see someone you know. After you look all around, and you’ve been there a while, you’re bored and tired and trying to find ways to entertain yourself. Now what?”

After telling them this story, I photographed each of them looking around (I call these the “looking around” images). Then I let them pose in whatever ways suited them (I call these the “now what” images). As you can see, some of them were very creative in their posing.

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Loved working with Doc List!! He is a top notch professional with a unique and original technique that truly captures the essence of his subjects in a variety of moods and poses. He is easy going with a great sense of humor which makes his shoots very enjoyable, and the result is great photography! I highly recommend Doc List for all of your photography needs! – Calli

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