What is a headshot?

A headshot – sometimes known as a business portrait – makes an introduction, reveals your character, draws the eye, and leads people to feel that they either already know you or can’t wait to know you. Whether you are in business or are an actor or model, your headshot is a form of communication

It’s a hint at your identity. It’s an expression of who you are, how approachable (or unapproachable) you are, and prepares people to meet you.

It shouldn’t be 2 or 5 or 10 years old because people are likely to be shocked when they actually meet you.

So why not have the best headshot you can get?

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Doc and I have done a few shoots together and he is very professional and accommodating. He really has great ideas and is so easy to work with. I recommend him in a heartbeat. – Heather

Show the world who you are…

About Your Headshot Photos

On this page, you’ll find information about my headshot sessions, including images from previous sessions and resources to help you prepare for your headshot photoshoot. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Our Headshot Photography Process


Everything begins with a consultation. We'll talk about your audience, why you're choosing to do this now, what impression you want to create, and the persona you want to project.

Photo Session

Your headshot session is designed to deliver the best results based on your goals. We guide you on choices of wardrobe, makeup, and hair.


After your session, I'll custom-edit your images, providing you with professional photos for your use.

Ordering Session

Headshots are always delivered electronically in a form suitable for web and print, based on the package you choose.

A wonderful eye for artistry, a great atmosphere. His photos are an absolute treasure. Time in the studio is fun and relaxed whilst getting the best of professional quality. Highly recommended. – Karissa


As a headshot photographer, our mission is to create a headshot that will cause people to say “Wow! Great headshot!”

We guarantee that you will be satisfied. If you are not, for any reason, we will refund your session fee and replace your art.

Headshot Photos - Austin, TX


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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend solid colors, usually darker or neutral. Bright colors – particularly white and yellow – draw the eye away from you. Patterns can also be distracting and will be eliminated during painting if you choose that option. The style – formal, casual, dressy, costume – depends on what you want to get from this.

HThis will be covered in our consultation. We strive for everything – wardrobe, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and hair and makeup styles – to be in harmony. There are no hard and fast rules for this.

We work with some of the best HMUAs (Hair and Makeup Artists) in the Austin area. If you choose to have us arrange that for you we pass through the charges directly from the artist to you. We do recommend tipping as well.

This is specified in the package you choose. Generally, you can expect to change at least once.
We review the images during the session so that we can complete and deliver as quickly as possible. Our delivery commitment is specified in each package.

Yes, we will. We’re proud of the work we do and love to celebrate it. If for any reason you do not wish us to post the images, though, we always respect our clients’ wishes.

Doc is an artist. He is easy to work with and will make your shoot a fun experience! You can’t go wrong choosing Doc for your project. Highly recommend. – Rebecca

Headshot Photography Resources

  • You know how much effort you put into creating the perfect choreography. And let’s not get started on the hours of practice until it all becomes muscle memory. So when it’s time to capture it all on film it had better be of the same quality, right? Firstly this is the reason you pick a seasoned photographer who knows

  • They’re family right? So they deserve as much as you to be in this year’s family photographs. But is it plausible? As with most aspects of a photo session the results depend on teamwork and communication between you & your photographer. You each have a role to play and when you understand what’s required you can help the

  • Who likes posing for photographs, right? Well you better start practicing your smile because a headshot could mean the difference between success and failure.Does that sound a bit dramatic? It’s actually not. Because you live in an age where consumers, employers and society are pestered with visual stimulation you need to join the multitudes. Text in advertising,

Directions to the Studio

8711 Burnet Road is the North Austin Business Center. Building B is not directly on Burnet Road or Polaris Avenue.

Take Burnet Road to Polaris Avenue. Polaris Avenue is only on the east side of Burnet Road and is the first left south of Research Blvd/183. It is across the street from U-Haul and there’s a sign for Buddy’s Place on the corner of Burnet & Polaris.

Turn onto Polaris and drive past the island in the middle of the street. Take an immediate left into the complex and you will be facing Building D. Take an immediate left and an immediate right and you will be in the parking area between Buildings C & D and looking straight at Building B. Park anywhere in this lot. Walk to the walkway in front of Building B and turn right. The studio is the last door on the left and the signs above the door and on the window say Doc List Photography.

If the lot between buildings C & D is full go around Building D to the lot between Buildings D & E (you’ll see the roll-up garage doors on the backs of the businesses in Building D). Go to the walkway on your left between Buildings D & B. The studio is the first door on your right.

About Doc List Photography

Doc List is an award-winning Austin headshot photographer specializing in headshots, portraits and dance photography

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