A portrait—whether of a single individual, a couple, or a family grouping—tells a story. It shows this group of people at this time in whatever relationship they’re in. In looking at the portrait, it should return your mind and heart and memory to that moment.
As a portrait photographer in Austin, Doc has worked with all ages—from newborn and soon-to-be-born to 87. His goal is always to represent the people involved in such a way that they can look back, or their children and grandchildren and future generations can look back, and recall the story. Every image should evoke emotion.
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Doc is absolutely amazing at what he does. Photoshoots with him are so much fun and he captures the most stunning photos. I felt so beautiful and I can’t wait to work with him again. I highly recommend 10/10! – Ashley

Capture the moments that matter to you…

About Your Portrait Photography Session

On this page, you’ll find information about portraits, including collections and pricing, as well as images from previous sessions and resources to help you prepare for your portrait photoshoot. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Our Family Portrait Photography Process


We'll talk about who will be involved, why you're choosing to do this now, and what you're thinking you'd like to get out of it.

Photo Session

Each portrait session is carefully crafted to create the best results. We take into account the number of people, their ages, their sizes, their genders, and their relationships. We guide each person, as well as the group (assuming more than one), on choices of wardrobe, makeup, and hair.

Viewing Session

Because each person or family has different goals, we don't package products. Rather we get together with you after the session and after we've had a chance to go through the images. At that viewing session, you will decide what images you want and what products.

Prints & Products

We offer prints of various sizes and types, custom framing, digital products, and a juicy variety of physical products.

A wonderful eye for artistry, a great atmosphere. His photos are an absolute treasure. Time in the studio is fun and relaxed whilst getting the best of professional quality. Highly recommended. – Karissa

Doc is an amazing photographer and mentor. There is never a dull moment when you shoot with him. He can make the shyest person feel comfortable enough to break out of their shell to create something amazing. You will not be disappointed. – Samaia


We guarantee that you will be satisfied. If you are not, for any reason, we will refund your session fee and replace your art.

Portrait Photos

Family Photos


Individual Portraits


Complementary Digital Images

Everything you buy in print you will get a social media digital.

Painted Portraits

In addition to prints of various sizes and types, custom framing, digital products, and other physical products, we also offer digitally painted portraits. This process, done on the computer, takes your photographs and turns them into portraits that look like they were hand-painted. We only provide this option for prints and canvases that are 20″ x 24″ and larger.

Keepsakes & Wall Art


Prints might be something to put on your coffee table or hang on your wall. When we talk about prints we include photographic prints on professional photographic paper or specialty surface (wood, metal, acrylic, for instance).


Canvas includes two categories: mounted canvas prints framed or suitable for framing, and gallery wrap canvas. Gallery wraps are canvas on a stretcher with hanging hardware on the back. No frame, no stand, just the canvas to be hung on the wall.

Laser-Etched Crystal

Current technology allows for images to be etched into the material (acrylic, glass, or crystal). These are suitable for putting on desks, display shelves, or around the house.

Books & Albums

Books are intended to have some text/content in them, along with your beautiful images. Albums are intended to be mostly – or all – images. The quality of the materials and production is similar in both, although books are intended to look more like… well… books.

Frequently Asked Questions

For professional headshots a photographer only needs a few minutes in a studio to capture certain poses and facial expressions. Family photography is different. You’ll book a timed session, but it could end earlier or later. The photographer needs to:

Capture special moments which he will patiently wait for while you interact. Wait for the right lighting when working outside to complement your images. Wait for everyone to get used to the camera so they relax and show their true character.

Perhaps it’s prudent to pack a few snacks.
Whether it’s only you or your entire family and dogs the person on the other side of the camera will help keep order, advise & take control of the day. This means you can relax and actually have fun. Here’s the secret to the perfect photograph: You want voluntary smiles, not tense or forced ones. So allow the photographer to build rapport with you and then see how the familiarity transforms the session. The best images come when everyone can look relaxed.
Be pro-active and arrive at the venue a few minutes early so no one is rushed. Your photographer will direct you to sit or stand, where to place your hands and head & even how to smile. These directions also allow for rapport to build between the expert and the subjects. For relationship or family photographs the photographer may leave you to act natural and simply snap away to capture beautiful moments.
A good headshot photographer creates professional, stylish photos for use on LinkedIn, a company website, or for anyone in the talent industry. I cater to corporate companies in volume, individual business professionals, as well as, anyone in talent — whether it be a headshot for a working actor, dancer, or model.

A good headshot photographer will do all the headshots in studio or at a chosen location for individuals or a single company creating a cohesive look and feel. This will add to the perception of professionalism on the part of potential customers and clients who see the photographs. Professional photos are a huge step up from a selfie or personal photos.
A headshot could be a portrait, but a portrait is not necessarily a headshot. A headshot is a professional representation of the subject. It is ideal for those in the talent industry, resumes, LinkedIn profiles and team “About Us” pages. A portrait is an artistic representation of the person or people. The majority of my portrait subjects are families.

Lighting, posing, clothing, and makeup choices may be very different depending on whether you are taking a professional headshot or creating a portrait.
Studio photography is the experience of having your photographs taken in a professional studio. Not all studios are created equal. Don’t settle for an amateur’s garage, spare room or a warehouse space.

When you come to my studio, you’ll be greeted by a luxurious space full of plenty of room and endless possibilities for lighting, backdrops, and even the use of props. There are natural surroundings just outside the studio. It’s a place to relax and have fun.
If you’re looking for an individual shot, book a session at my studio. If you have five team members you need to get photographed, you also have the option to book an on location session right at your own office.
Check out the blog section which is located at the bottom of this page.

Your Viewing & Ordering Appointment

Because each person or family has different goals, we don’t package products. Rather we get together with you after the session and after we’ve had a chance to go through the images. At that viewing session, you will decide what images you want and what products.

Doc List is wonderful to work with. He is so patient and everything was just perfect! I have a beautiful keepsake book of my daughter as well as amazing headshots. Thank you, Doc! – Sara

Portrait Photography Resources

  • You know how much effort you put into creating the perfect choreography. And let’s not get started on the hours of practice until it all becomes muscle memory. So when it’s time to capture it all on film it had better be of the same quality, right? Firstly this is the reason you pick a seasoned photographer who knows

  • They’re family right? So they deserve as much as you to be in this year’s family photographs. But is it plausible? As with most aspects of a photo session the results depend on teamwork and communication between you & your photographer. You each have a role to play and when you understand what’s required you can help the

  • Who likes posing for photographs, right? Well you better start practicing your smile because a headshot could mean the difference between success and failure.Does that sound a bit dramatic? It’s actually not. Because you live in an age where consumers, employers and society are pestered with visual stimulation you need to join the multitudes. Text in advertising,

Directions to the Studio

8711 Burnet Road is the North Austin Business Center. Building B is not directly on Burnet Road or Polaris Avenue.

Take Burnet Road to Polaris Avenue. Polaris Avenue is only on the east side of Burnet Road and is the first left south of Research Blvd/183. It is across the street from U-Haul and there’s a sign for Buddy’s Place on the corner of Burnet & Polaris.

Turn onto Polaris and drive past the island in the middle of the street. Take an immediate left into the complex and you will be facing Building D. Take an immediate left and an immediate right and you will be in the parking area between Buildings C & D and looking straight at Building B. Park anywhere in this lot. Walk to the walkway in front of Building B and turn right. The studio is the last door on the left and the signs above the door and on the window say Doc List Photography.

If the lot between buildings C & D is full go around Building D to the lot between Buildings D & E (you’ll see the roll-up garage doors on the backs of the businesses in Building D). Go to the walkway on your left between Buildings D & B. The studio is the first door on your right.

About Doc List Photography

Doc List is an award-winning Austin photographer specializing in headshots, portraits and dance photography.

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