A Collaboration Between the Moving Beyond Cancer Collaborative and Doc List Photography

This project began by accident.
Doc photographed a young woman (at least “young” by comparison to Doc) for his Naked Musicians project (that’s another story). This young woman, Christi Ho, started the session wearing a traditional Chinese robe and posing with her guzheng (a traditional Chinese stringed instrument). As she began to reveal herself Doc saw that she had no nipple on her right breast and had some scars. In asking about it Doc learned that Christi had been diagnosed with breast cancer at 19 years old and had a mastectomy and reconstruction.
At the same time, Doc had been having a conversation on Instagram with someone going by the name @itsjustahiccup. Doc learned that her name is Tawny, that she lives in the Austin area, and that she’s a breast cancer survivor/thriver. She’s had a double mastectomy and no reconstruction.

Doc and Tawny had talked about Tawny coming in to be photographed. When she saw the images of Christi it sealed the deal. The session was scheduled. When it happened it was magical, moving, and emotional for both Tawny and Doc.
Doc was moved to explore what else he might do to support the community of “thrivers”. Tawny introduced him to a few people and a few organizations.

Doc began a conversation with Shondi Pugh and also with Angela Wicker-Ramos of the Moving Beyond Cancer Collaborative. The first conversation led to booking a session with Shondi.
The second conversation with Angela led to planning a social/photography event at Doc’s studio. On February 5, 2022, 14 women are coming to Doc List Photography to be photographed, video recorded, and share their stories. This will lead to the creation of a book celebrating this group (including Tawny and Shondi) and kick off an MBCC project to do similar events and create similar products all in support of this community of people and the work that MBCC does.

Each participant will be treated to pampering by hair and makeup artists.

In the short term, this will include regular events to recognize survivors of all kinds of cancer in the Austin area. As we go forward this will expand to other areas by collaborating with photographers in each area and with other non-profit organizations that are connected to MBCC.
If you’re moved to get involved, please either contact Angela Wicker-Ramos or Doc List. We’re happy to accept volunteers, donations, and support in producing products