The Importance of Having Good Rapport With Your Photographer

I can give you a thousand tips on how to prepare and look perfect for the day of your photo sessions. But many tips are almost mechanical and you’re not a robot, right?

These tips also ignore one of the prime elements of an excellent photograph: The subject’s state of mind. And here’s one of the best ways to get someone in the right mind-set: Work on having a good relationship with your photographer.

Good Relationships Defined

In a good relationship you’ll find these characteristics:

  • Understanding for each other
  • Quality communication
  • Trust
  • Empathy

Why go to so much trouble to get such a deep connection with each other? You’ll be surprised how this can transform—perfect—your next photoshoot.

How Good Relationships Enhance Photo Sessions

Feel at Ease

A photograph can show tension, stress and discomfort when these emotions are reflected in a subject’s eyes. Since very few people love being photographed, having a lens focus on you may spark some of these emotions. And we’re not all good actors that can mask these feelings, right? So people looking at the photographs afterwards will pick up on it.

But when you know the person behind the camera and feel they understand you, you don’t mind them looking and many of these emotions simply fall away.

Ask Questions

You’ll also feel comfortable asking questions such as why a certain pose is necessary. When you understand the motive you’ll find it easier to comply and get it just right.

Speak Your Mind

Or perhaps you have an opinion such as knowing which setting will have your family smiling from ear to ear. We’re often too daunted to advise professionals on how to do their jobs. However, with a solid rapport between you and the photographer, you’ll feel comfortable adding valuable information which he or she can use to enhance the session.

Push Limits

Perhaps it’s the first time someone will focus on you entirely. Believe me, it’s quite nerve wracking since so few of us like being in the spotlight. I know of ladies who always keep their arms crossed in unfamiliar circumstances. Asking them to take a striking pose will probably cause them to blush.

So what if your photographer asks you to take on a unique pose? It’s always easier to comply when it’s someone you know. A little bit of relationship building means you’ll get more striking images out of your session.

Be Confident

And this leads to the ultimate victory for a photographer: A subject that boldly stares at the camera lens without feeling daunted.

How to Build that Relationship

Of course neither party has time to become best friends before a headshot session or before the engagement shoot. But you can develop an easy going relationship with very little effort:

  • Visit the venue together beforehand
  • Meet up before the day of the shoot so the initial unfamiliarity can wear off
  • Vet and interview photographers to find one you have instant chemistry with
  • Discuss the session in detail over the phone (not in an email) so you get used to communicating with each other
  • Arrive early for the session so there’s time to connect instead of simply rushing into the shoot
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