Studio Equipment

The studio has a full set of Paul C. Buff Einstein E640 lights (five of them!) with a large variety of modifiers. We also have some other lights that, combined with the studio strobes, should allow you to accomplish your lighting goals.

The studio has neutral gray walls and a neutral gray epoxy-painted concrete floor. There is a roll-up garage door that is large enough for most vehicles and can be rolled up for natural light.

There is a lobby/reception area, restroom, and dressing/makeup room with a clothing rack.

Camera and Lenses

  • Canon 5D MkIII
  • Sigma 24-70mm lens
  • Canon 24-105mm lens
  • Tamron 70-200mm lens
  • Canon 85mm lens
  • Canon 135mm lens
  • Canon 17-40mm lens
  • Canon 50mm lens
  • Tamron 90mm lens (macro)

Lighting Equipment

  • Paul C. Buff Einstein E640 studio strobes (5)
  • Godox AD200 portable strobe (1) with round light and modifier kit
  • Godox Flashes (2) with MagMod modifiers
  • LED Panels (3)
  • Softboxes for Einstein lights:
    • 4×6’
    • 3×4’
    • 1×6’
    • 1×2’
    • 48” Octabox
    • Phottix Raja Deep 80


  • Custom-made 3’ diameter hexagon (see Doc’s Hexagon Project)
  • Custom-made 8’ posing shelf on 30” high supports
  • Various chairs, stools, and sofa
  • Small desk, ottoman, trunks
  • Wide Variety of Loose Fabrics
  • Hats
  • Wardrobe (ask)
  • Swords
  • Barbell with plates, dumbbells
  • Decorative floor and desk lamps
  • Portable dance barre
  • Rollup floors
  • Grey interlocking floor mats
  • Picture frames
  • Desk and floor lamps
  • Full-length mirror


  • Medium gray walls
  • Black and white seamless backgrounds (other colors can be provided on request)
  • Variety of canvas and muslin backgrounds


  • Full-length reflector with black on one side and white on the other
  • V-Flat with black on one side and white on the other
  • Various portable/collapsable reflectors
  • Two strong fans
  • Scaffold and ladders and stepladders
  • Sonos speaker system in every room
  • WiFi service