5 Times in Your Life You Don’t Realize You’ll Need a Photographer

What will you reminisce about one day when you’re old? If you’re smart about it now you won’t simply have to think back; you’ll be able to look at all the moments you enjoyed during your life.

Decades ago we had to rely on our memories but now HD images can take us back to these times. But only if you take a picture and I’m not talking about a selfie. Do it proper and book a professional photographer when these special occasions pop up.

Births and Deaths

Perhaps you think these moments at the start and end of a life are too personal. If you get a professional photographer you won’t even know he or she is there. You’ll only be left with meaningful moments captured on film:

  • The first breath
  • A father’s first look at his daughter
  • You saying goodbye to a loved one at a funeral

The emotions you see in these images are what show you how valuable and full your life was.

Launching a Business

What are your life goals? Don’t think any new venture is of too little value to commemorate. Years from now you’ll want to show the next generation where your business began.

That’s part of the magic of photographs: You can pass on a message or a value with something that makes more impact than only words.

Tip: If your business requires product photographs, the expense of hiring a professional will be a long term investment. Do it right the first time.

Before the Big Audition or Interview

Or perhaps your key to success will lie in other people’s hands. Imagine how quality photographs can help you get that position you’ve been dreaming of for years:

  • Present the judges at a dance audition with an in depth portfolio about your capabilities. You can showcase the genres you’re skilled at and your flair for the stage by having action photographs too.
  • In the modern business world your online profile, resume and social media accounts must have professional headshots. It’s how you show people you’re serious about your chosen line of work and you can seem professional no matter where they do background checks on you.

These small details may put you on step ahead of your competitors.

When Your Child Leaves Home

No parent wants to think of how empty the house will be once their grown up kids drive off. You also don’t want to regret not taking one more photograph to remember your family as a complete unit.

Book a professional photo shoot or ask one to cover your child’s farewell party. Those recent photos will help you through the early days of loneliness.

Trash the Dress

I know someone who simply turned her wedding dress into a stylish cocktail dress. But other brides take a more drastic approach.

Perhaps it’s liberating to bring the dress to ruins after months of precision planning. Surprisingly this new sense of freedom results in amazing photographs with a lot of emotion captured when couples simply let it all go:

  • Most couples take pictures in the water with fabric flowing all around them
  • Some brides burn the dress so the flames can make for some striking images
  • Mud is another favorite because what woman (girl) ever really forgets the joys of playing in the dirt?


What other events did you book a photographer for? Let’s remind each other to catalogue this beautiful thing called life. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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