What to Wear for Your Dance Photography Session

I hope you spent as much time picking out your wardrobe as you did preparing for your performance. Remember, whatever you display during your dance photography session will be captured forever. So giving your best in every component is vital.

Clothing too? Oh yes.

Why is Clothing Important?

Your images will only look as good as all the elements working together:

  • The dancer
  • The music
  • The pose
  • The clothes
  • The background

Are you sure your outfit will make people notice the image and help you communicate the message of the dance?

I’ve seen what works and I want to help you get it right.

Let’s Help You Pick

Below I listed a few important facts relating to outfits. If you want to transform from looking like a great dancer into an exceptional performer, follow my tips.

Know Yourself

What are your strong points?

  • Jumps
  • Stretching
  • Interpretive dance
  • Extensions

If you’re great at some of these, an expert dance photographer will notice. Those will be the moments he or she would want to capture. How does this relate to clothes? Your outfit must help you optimize those moments in how it allows you to move and what it accentuates.

And remember all outfits let spectators focus on certain lines. You know which parts of your body are the most impressive. Pick clothing to makes your figure look its best.

Become Your Audience

Who will see the photographs when the photographer is done?

If the images are for yourself it makes sense to pick outfits you love. But what if you’re creating a portfolio for future employers?

  • Decide which jobs you want
  • Research the type of clothing mostly worn in those jobs
  • Wear these in your photos so your look aligns with what your potential employer prefers

Clothes Accentuate—Pick Wisely

Will your outfit show you’re moving?

Yes, even in a motionless picture the right clothing can let the viewer imagine the dancer’s movement. You know the ripples of a skirt will prove you’re turning at full speed.

To Blend or to Stand Out?

Where will your photos be taken? Photography is all about teamwork and both you & the photographer should know what the purpose of the clothing is:

  • For classically styled photographs, match classic outfits with classic backgrounds such as a stage.
  • If you want to make an impact a classic dance outfit will grab attention when photographed in a contemporary setting.
  • If you want to showcase a feature such as flexibility, modern and contemporary clothing will allow focus to be on your body rather than the clothes.

Does it Aid or Prevent Movement?

You may want to make a fashion statement with a stunning outfit you saw in a shop window. But if it’s going to prevent you from dancing optimally, leave it in the store.

Dancing is about movement and even a posed photograph will communicate your comfort (or lack thereof).

This of course includes your foot apparel too. The shoes you pick must help you perform the poses and movements. Imagine you’re performing for an audience. What clothing pieces do you need to give them the show of a lifetime? Now pick your clothes accordingly.

Remember, these images may be your legacy, so make sure they showcase the best of you.

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