What to Do the Day Before Your Portrait

The day finally arrived. Those photos you’ve been wanting of your family will be taken tomorrow and you can’t wait.

It’s going to be perfect! Or will it? You know even the smallest details are noticed by people browsing your phone’s gallery. Now imagine a life sized print of your family. Everything MUST be perfect.

I’m here to help you make sure something small doesn’t ruin it.

Let’s Start with What NOT to do

Your excitement and need to create perfect images may prompt you to act out of the ordinary. This can actually backfire, so don’t do this:

  • Don’t try and get a tan. Your skin may look red and sore instead of tanned tomorrow and that won’t easily be edited out.
  • Don’t change your hair drastically. What if you don’t like the new style? It will be caught on camera to be seen forever. It’s better to stick with what you know and are comfortable with.
  • Whitening your teeth will add the X-factor to your images, but that process doesn’t happen overnight. You have to start at least two weeks before your appointment.

A Few Handy Tips

You can do a few things to prepare however. These will help the day turn out the way you want to.

Get Technical With Your Photographer

I hope you already spoke to your photographer about location, clothing and color schemes. Double check the information.

Closer to the time you’ll know if the weather is ideal for the outdoor location you picked. You can tell the expert what clothing you selected so he or she can give last minute advice. Also double check timelines so you don’t arrive late.

Prepare Your Outfit

Get your outfit ready. You don’t want to be rushed on the day of the shoot, because the stress may show in your eyes. Iron them and also glance over each piece for defects so they’re not noticed on the photographs afterwards.

Keep to the Right Diet

This should be on the ‘Don’t’ list too: Firstly do not eat food that will make you look or feel bloated the next day. Secondly try and stay away from food that is known to cause indigestion or food poisoning, such as chicken which can go bad very quickly.

If you don’t feel 100% on the day it will show in your face and your posture. You must feel your best because a photograph only projects the truth.

Get Your Hair Done

Don’t change your hair, but by all means get it styled. Firstly it will make you feel your best on the day. Secondly it’s best—for certain hair types at least—to do it the day before the shoot. On day two it will look a bit more natural which is what you want whether you’re doing family photographs or professional headshots.

Now Get Some Sleep

When you’ve prepared all you can, it’s vital you and the family get to bed early. Don’t let puffy or red eyes ruin your photos. Some of it your photographer can edit out, but not everything.

Enough sleep will also ensure you have more energy. A photo session can be long & draining so make sure you have stamina to keep smiling until that last picture perfect shot.

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