What Should You Expect at Your Portrait Session?

Yes, you live in the digital age where almost anyone can claim to be a photographer. Don’t we all take selfies?

Selfies prove humans value themselves and that they want to cherish moments. But there’s the amateur images and then there are the professional ones. Those are the photographs you don’t keep on your phone, but display on your walls.

Why hide your moments? Put them where everyone can see them.

But that’s daunting right? A professional photography session puts you on the spot to perform, smile and look great.

Stop. Breathe. Let me help you. It’s not that difficult. Let’s run through what you can expect, so your portrait photography session turns into a fun gathering.

Blame it on the Photographer
Here’s the first thing you got wrong and I hope the truth puts you at ease.

It’s not your responsibility to look amazing. Someone who is known for professional portrait photography has the skills to:

  • Make you feel comfortable
  • Strike the best poses
  • Smile your best smile
  • Tell you what to wear to look your best
  • Pick the best background for your images

Whether it’s only you or your entire family—and dogs—the person on the other side of the camera will help keep order, advise & take control of the day. This means you can relax and actually have fun.

Here’s the secret to the perfect photograph: You want voluntary smiles, not tense or forced ones. So allow the photographer to build rapport with you and then see how the familiarity transforms the session. The best images come when everyone can look relaxed.

Are you having your professional portrait taken or is it a session for the whole family? The length of your session depends on what the photographs are for.

For professional headshots a photographer only needs a few minutes in a studio to capture certain poses and facial expressions.

Family photography is different. You’ll book a timed session, but it could end earlier or later. The photographer needs to:

  • Capture special moments which he will patiently wait for while you interact
  • Wait for the right lighting—when working outside—to complement your images
  • Wait for everyone to get used to the camera so they relax and show their true characters

Therefore, be prepared for a long day. Perhaps it’s prudent to pack a few snacks.

How Does it Work?
Be proactive and arrive at the venue a few minutes early so no one is rushed.

Your photographer will direct you to sit or stand, where to place your hands and head & even how to smile. These directions also allow for rapport to build between the expert and the subjects.

For relationship or family photographs the photographer may leave you to act natural and simply snap away to capture beautiful moments. Forget about the camera and be yourselves. That’s when the best images are taken that you would want to share with the world.

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