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Top Tips for Photographing Great Headshots

To be a top photographer, you need to have an idea of how to get perfect headshots. It might be a difficult task to master – but not impossible – while you are chasing your passion. Some people feel nervous when they find themselves in front of the camera, especially for the first time. There are some important things that a professional photographer must consider before taking Professional headshots Austin TX.

Let me share some of the best tips to get the perfect headshot. 

A consultation helps

Have a consultation session with the client or customer to know the style they desire. A photographer can do this over the phone or call them up to the studio for a chat. By holding a consultation with the client, you will eventually get an idea about what they want and expect from you. For example, you might question them about their profession or the purpose for which they want a headshot. Once you know their purpose you can prepare yourself for success. 

Pick the clothes for the subject

For a perfect headshot Austin TX, you should recommend that your subject wear solid or neutral colors. Ask him/her to bring their professional clothes with them according to their own needs. The professional headshots Austin, TX guides your subject to bring any additional accessories and/or props with them. 

Proper separation of your subject from the background

It’s important to keep the subject a little distance from the background, depending on the style of headshot you’re capturing. If you ask the person to stand close to the background, then there may be shadows disrupting the perfect headshot. The shadows will detract from the overall quality of the headshot. Moreover, it’s advisable to use a wide aperture – creating a shallow depth of field – to get a fantastic feel out of the perfect headshot Austin TX


These are a few of the essential tips that a photographer should follow to be one of the best headshot photographers in Austin. Using these tips will help you to make the best impression on your clients. Quality defines your name and brand, and for a photographer, Quality is business. 

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