The 4 Important Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Feeling daunted? That’s often the case when heading over to a photo session whether it’s for headshots, your wedding, dance images or your family photos. Let’s face it: Not many of us like being under scrutiny of that lens.

Will it help if you know a little more about what’s about to happen? I’m going to make it easy for you. These quick questions to your photographer will:

  • Help you know what to expect
  • Ensure you pick the right expert for the job
  • Get the best results

Let’s count them down.

1.    What is Your History?

You need a photographer who has done this before. An amateur may ask a more affordable price but you’ll clearly see the difference between those images and the ones taken by an expert.

It’s not only about employing someone who has years of experience, but also someone familiar with your specific genre:

  • Dance photography requires capturing movement in one image
  • Headshots must be up to date with the latest market trends
  • Family photography requires great inter personal skills especially if there are kids involved

You have the right to ask for a portfolio and discuss the photographer’s past work. Pick the one who will make you feel comfortable because he or she is familiar with the setup.

2.    What is the Timeline?

Here you need to discuss two things:

  • How long will the session be?
  • How long before you get your images?

You must plan your day but you should also have realistic expectations of when you’ll get the final product. You may wait a few days, a month or even eight weeks depending on the photographer’s policy and schedule.

If you need to use the photographs—such as headshots—for a specific project you need to plan well ahead.

3.    What is Included in the Price?

Never assume!

Each photographer has unique guidelines and contracts. Ask about the details so you can gauge whether it’s worth the money you spend:

  • Is editing included in the price?
  • How many images—edited or unedited—will be delivered?
  • Will you need to pay over-time if the session runs late?
  • Will the photographer provide lighting where necessary or must you organize this?
  • Will you pay extra if you want black and white versions of some images?

Think of everything that may apply to your unique situation. Perhaps you need headshots with and without your beard. Will the photographer charge you more especially if this draws out the session?

Important: Always ask about deposits. You don’t want to arrive at the venue without a photographer because you didn’t confirm the booking.

4.    What’s Your Advice on Colors and Outfits?

The tips regarding colors and outfits are endless. The best starting point is to ask your photographer for insight:

  • Which colors will go well with the background?
  • Photographers can advise on which colors go with your skin tone.
  • Colors send messages and depending on the purpose of the photographs—which you should discuss with the photographer—you should select hues accordingly

Situations are daunting when they’re wrapped in unfamiliarity. Photographers do their best work when their subjects are at ease so an expert will be willing to answer all your questions. So ask away, be prepared and then enjoy the stunning outcome.

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