Preparation and Grooming

We both want your head shots to be the best they can be, helping you achieve success with your identity and brand.

Before you come in for your headshot, here are some suggestions for you.


  • If one outfit, please think about whether you might prefer a dark or light background, and choose your outfit accordingly. If your session includes multiple outfits, we’ll discuss backgrounds. If you don’t care about the color of the background, we’ll decide when you arrive.
  • Bring whatever grooming tools you think you might need.
  • I will have a lint brush, to ensure that your outfit is as spotless as we can make it.
  • Make sure that tags are removed from clothing.
  • I have a selection of hats and props. I can’t assure that what I have will fit you, but it’s worth knowing that I have them.
  • If you have blemishes or breakouts, don’t worry about them – I’ll fix them.
  • Put on skin lotion and hydrate, so that your skin is as soft and smooth as it can be. Yes, both women and men.
  • Be sure to get enough sleep the night before! You really want to minimize the bags/dark circles under your eyes. I can fix them if I need to, but it would be better if you look your best.


  • Unless you are striving for a particular look, keep your makeup as light and simple as you can. I’ll clean up your skin if it needs it. Think about having a professional, or someone skilled (that might be you, of course), do your hair and makeup.
  • Bring a hairbrush or comb, and hair spray if it might be needed. We want to keep the hair out of your face, unless we want to create a specific look.
  • If you normally clean up facial hair, or bleach, or anything else, do it close to the date of the session so you look your best.
  • Bring your makeup with you, in case it needs touching up.


  • If you shave, do it cleanly. Preferably give your skin time to recover. Make sure that parts that are clean (face, neck) are nice and clean. I can clean things up in retouching, and would prefer to have to do as little as possible.
  • If you have nasal hair or ear hair, please take the time to clean that up as well.
  • Think about having  eyebrows (whether you normally do or not) and your facial hair groomed by a professional.
  • If you’re getting your hair cut, please be sure to have them clean up the back of your neck. If you’re not getting a haircut, please take an electric shaver or beard/mustache trimmer to the back of your neck.
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