Men Don’t Need Grooming for Photographs…and 4 Other Photography Myths People Believe

When do you feel most disappointed? I believe it happens when your expectation doesn’t match reality. And that goes for almost anything in life.

So let’s talk about a photography session. You may imagine an image that makes you seem like a movie star and it ends up being more of a mug shot. I can prevent that by debunking a few myths and help you prepare for your session (or find motivation to book one). It will be worth it.

Men Don’t Need Grooming

You’re probably thinking you can pop in for a haircut before your session and that will be it. That’s the worst possible thing you can do.

Firstly a fresh haircut looks unnatural and you want your headshots to showcase you as relaxed & approachable.

Secondly your images won’t be as impressive as you want them if you don’t consider these aspects:

  • Be clean shaven to prevent looking disheveled
  • Clear skin presents better—more professional—so doing a facial is advisable
  • Nose hairs, bushy eye brows and hair in your ears aren’t professional and can’t always be edited out

Are you willing to go the extra mile now that you know the truth?

Only Certain People are Photogenic

The definition of photogenic is to look appealing in photographs. Do you think you can do that? Most people don’t have faith in themselves for this tall order.

I have some good news: Much of you looking appealing relates to how comfortable you look in front of the lens. Did you know it’s part of a photographer’s responsibility to help you feel at home? That means anyone can have this characteristic now.

It’s Not Really Necessary to Hire a Professional—My Friend can Do it

Helping you feel comfortable is only one of the many responsibilities a photographer has. Compare an image taken by a professional with the one your friend took and you’ll immediately see the difference:

  • Correct usage of light
  • Editing skills to change those skin blemishes you don’t like
  • Quality camera gear for high definition images
  • Knowledge of angles to showcase you in the best way possible

Can you risk your career by using a selfie instead of a professional headshot?

A Photo Will Make You Look Fat

This myth is enough for most ladies to avoid photographs altogether. But this is actually another reason why it’s wise to trust a professional.

Yes certain lenses can distort your image. That’s why a professional owns different focal length lenses. He or she can pick one that will flatter your particular build.

A Photographer Can Fix Anything  in the Editing Phase

Here’s a word of caution: Photographers’ gear, skills and editing software can help you look your best possible self but these professionals aren’t magicians.

Small blemishes can be taken away while light and angles will help to accentuate the right areas of your body. But they can’t take off 10lb, change your hair style or make a scruffy look seem neat. You need to take up your responsibility in arriving ready for the session.

The other blogs on my site will tell you exactly what that is all about. If you have any specific questions, please leave a comment.

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