Interesting Places for Your Family Photoshoot—6 Unique Ideas

You’ll be filling your home with these so you better pick a background wisely. Everyone knows: After a wedding the whole house is full of wedding pictures. But years later when you’ve done a family photoshoot those are exchanged for new images.

It can be hard to pick favorites so you end up putting up most of them. Which background will you love looking at every day?

Got Small Kids? Then Stay at Home

You’ll be tempted to look for an exotic location that’s supposed to be the perfect backdrop for your unique family. But here’s the truth: The background is not the most important part of your image. What you want is a family that’s smiling instead of frowning.

Your toddlers will be much happier at home where they feel comfortable. The familiar surroundings will put them in a good mood and if it becomes too overwhelming to smile at the photographer you can allow them to escape to their rooms.

And won’t you find it easy to make them laugh with all your favorite items around? There’s nothing as precious as an impromptu photo taken at the moment when dad uses a toy to make his daughter’s tears disappear.

Do it While on Holiday

If you do want an exotic approach then think big. Where will your family holiday be this year? Why not book that location’s local photographer and get photos of your family sightseeing, walking on the beach or eating interesting foods?

On holiday you’ll be more relaxed than when you’re stressing about work or school. This will automatically make you seem happier on the photos too.

In the Park—But Wait for the Right Season

Whether you’re at home or away a park is always a good option. You can run and play to make children laugh and you have a variety of backdrops to pick from. But here’s a tip: Wait for your favorite season to add the X-factor to your photos:

  • If you love winter a snowball fight will give some great action photos
  • The colors of fall will complement almost any outfit you pick and brighten up the images
  • The flowers of spring are the perfect decor to celebrate life
  • What better memories are there than summer picnics in the park?

While You Work

Do you have a DIY project you keep putting off? Why not make it a family project and get someone to capture it on film?

While you’re painting the roof, building a treehouse or even baking biscuits you’re bound to joke with each other and get a lot of laughs. You won’t have to coax a smile out of a toddler because it will automatically happen. And you’ll always remember the summer when we….

Let’s Be Inside Outside

Here’s one way that contrast can add some flair to your photographs: Carry a few pieces of furniture outside. The mix of grass, plants and modern living will look like an expertly designed set. As a bonus the items you’re sentimental about will be remembered always.

In the Studio

And if you can’t decide where to go, don’t think the studio is too boring a place. Because your photographer can control the lighting you’ll have ultra high quality photos. You also don’t have to worry about the weather or keeping your home neat.


Which one of these most align with your family’s preferences? Or do you have a few suggestions for other families? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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