How to Pick the Perfect Music for Your Dance Photo Session

No, you’ll not be standing still during your dance photo session. So have you picked your music yet?

You may think I need a stationary subject, but to snap an epic picture of you, I need you moving. You must be in your element so it transcends to the photographs.

Whether you’re doing this for pleasure or to build an impressive portfolio, music and movement will be at the center of the session. So let’s help you pick the perfect track.

What is the Purpose of the Shoot?

Let’s be practical. If you’re doing this shoot for your portfolio, let’s get images that will impress your future employers:

  • Decide who you want to work for
  • What kind of work do they offer?
  • What genre and themes will attract their attention?

Now align your music with these preferences because even a single photograph can show them what they’re looking for.

When you’ve found the music, let it guide your choreography and outfit.

Use Music You’re Familiar With

What you feel will be experienced by whoever views your pictures. So let’s get you in a good mood and relaxed.

Since you probably listen to and work with music every day, it’s will help you feel at home even with a camera lens on you. Yes, you can pick your favorite piece because it’s usually what brings out the best in you.

Let it Bring Out the Best in You

And what is the best you can give?

Are you known for jumps, elaborate footwork or that perfect arabesque? Let’s use music that will guide you into these positions so I have the opportunity to capture that moment when you complete it flawlessly.

Don’t Hold Back

You may think you’re supposed to use slow, gentle music so your movements will tone down as well. After all, wouldn’t that give your photographer a chance to capture it?

Do yourself a favor and forget about the photographer. It’s his or her responsibility to expertly capture those unique moments:

  • Picking the right position
  • Using the right angles
  • Utilizing a camera’s shutter speed

An experienced photographer will know what your images need even after a short while of watching you dance. That’s also why it’s imperative you dance to your heart’s content so the photographer can quickly get to know the real you and capture that on film.

Last Tip: Pick Your Photographer as Meticulous as Your Music

That last remark also brings us to another important matter: Don’t trust just anyone with taking your photographs, especially if it’s for your portfolio.

A photographer with the experience of dance photography and an appreciation of dance will be adept at capturing priceless moments. He or she may even direct you so—as a pair—you can use light, movement, background and music to create that perfect image you’re after.

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