Getting Headshots? How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make

Going for a professional headshot sounds pretty basic right? We all want a quick in and out of the studio so we can get on with other business of the day.

It’s possible but it doesn’t always happen. Why? Because people tend to do it all wrong. I put together a list of mistakes so you know how to make it a quick and enjoyable experience when it’s your turn go.

You Arrive Late

Before having your picture taken you need to be as calm and relaxed as possible. Being uneasy or frantic will unfortunately affect how you look in your photograph.

Counter this problem by arriving on time. You don’t want to be out of breath and appear flustered. For this you need to prioritize your session, place it on your schedule and allocate enough time to avoid having to rush off to your next engagement.

You Wear the Wrong Outfit

Considerable thought must be put into your outfit choice before heading to the photo studio. Clothing says something about you and you need to send out the best possible message:

  • Avoid light colors like white and beige because they’ll make you blend & ‘disappear’ into the background.
  • Avoid patterns on your clothing as it can be distracting to your photo.
  • Try to keep you jewelry to a minimum so you don’t seem flashy and snobbish. You also don’t want your gold chain and earrings drawing attention from your face.

Too Much Make Up

Of course your make up choice will depend on the purpose of the headshot but often people overdo this.

A natural look is ideal for professional use such as your passport. Aim for a soft, well blended look that will ensure your natural beauty glows through the picture.

Perhaps you’re using make up to hide imperfections? If you have oily skin, dab your face with blotting paper to avoid looking too shiny in your photo.

Even if your headshot is for a modeling portfolio you should keep it simple. You’re allowed to play with a bit of color for example red lipstick but less is more as the old cliché states.

An Expressions That Scares Everyone Away

Luckily you can depend on the photographer to help you here but rehearse your facial expressions in the mirror before coming into the studio. You want an expression that makes you look confident but not intimidating.

You can even decide if you want to smile or not. Whichever you pick make sure to engage with your eyes. You can do this by not squinting too much. Also try to avoid creasing your forehead as it will make you appear tense.

You’re Slouching

You don’t want to look droopy in your photograph so keep your back straight and don’t slouch. The right posture makes you look well poised and consequently gives a striking picture. Here are a few tips:

  • Try to relax your hands and arms. Even though they don’t appear in the headshot, if they’re tense it will affect your posture.
  • Avoid looking down into the camera. Tilt your face upwards to avoid that double chin effect.

Why give you all these tips if the photographer will direct you anyway? Because the less direction you need from the person behind the lens the more relaxed you’ll feel. And that’s what will make your photographs exceptional. Ready now?

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