Dress Code

As a specialty studio, our background and lighting are exactly calculated to render your headshot as clean and clear and professional. It is important to the success of your portrait that certain styles and colors of clothing be used while avoiding other styles and colors.

We ask that you please dress at least as well as you would dress normally for work. Most headshots do not drop below the breastbone. In general, we ask that you wear dark clothing so as to keep the light reflecting on the face and eyes, not the clothing. Our contoured lighting and custom-designed background do not work well with light color tops, bright colors, or busy patterns.  Having done many headshots, our experience suggest that the following works best:

Men – Dark Jackets, solid colored shirt, tie (optional), and dark pants.

Ladies – Dark (black, navy, burgundy, dark green, etc.) attire. White lace around collar is okay. Little or no pattern is preferred.  Classic Jewelry such as diamonds, pearls, and so on are encouraged, but keep the jewelry simple, clean, and elegant.

Note: If you absolutely must be casual, the following guidelines need to be followed for it to be a success: You should still be in something dark and solid; not busy. Also, choose a style that will look acceptable 2 – 3 years down the line, as many people don’t do new headshots every year (although… ;)).  Remember it’s your face and eyes that should draw the attention in the portrait not your clothing.