Serious About Your Career or Business? 4 Reasons You Need Headshots

Let’s be frank: You’re trying to succeed professionally in a very challenging time in history. Job applicants today—whether you’re hoping for a part in a movie or you want that corner office—contend on a global platform and one little thing your competitor does better can cost you the job.

But is this a challenge or an opportunity?

A little thing such as an excellent photo could mean YOU are the one that gets that position. Here’s how an image can help.

Where Will You Use Them?

  • You live in the modern world where people are inundated with visual impulses. Your photograph can catch attention among other bland media and documents:
  • Your LinkedIn profile only looks complete once there’s a photo
  • Social media uses photographs to find and distinguish between people with the same names
  • Your website must show who you are
  • Marketing material can use images

Why You Need Them

1. Build Your Brand

A brand is no longer only a company. Branding is about showing people who is behind a certain product or company because consumers want to know who they’re trusting with their money. Therefore you are your brand and you need to put your best foot forward.

2. Show Your Character

A picture is not simply pixels representing your face. A correctly staged photo shows you’re friendly, self assured, professional and more. These are the features people want to know about when they look for employees, service providers or business partners. If you can show them what you’re about there’s a better chance you’ll get that contract or interview you’re hoping for.

3. Become Personal

Being competitive doesn’t mean you become impersonal. Quite the opposite in today’s world actually.

Facebook and other social media are popular platforms because people crave interaction in a technologically driven world. The right headshot can benefit you:
With a photograph your profile is no longer just text but comes alive so people feel they can relate more with you. This can help you trump a competitor who is less active on social media or on his or her website.
An advertisement about your company become less clinical and more attractive when you add your face to it. But you need quality headshot images so they don’t pixelate. Remember, a selfie won’t do.

4. Draw Attention

What do you look at when you scan magazine pages? I bet you pause more often on those adds that incorporate people’s faces. This is why manufacturers display people using products instead of showcasing them on their own.

Now imagine how many more people will notice your storefront, your profile or your business location if your face accompanies the usual info.

This is how you stand out from the crowd and all it takes is a simple headshot. Have you booked your session yet?

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