You know how much effort you put into creating the perfect choreography. And let’s not get started on the hours of practice until it all becomes muscle memory.

So when it’s time to capture it all on film it had better be of the same quality, right?

Firstly this is the reason you pick a seasoned photographer who knows his or her way around photographing dancers. It’s a skill!

Secondly make sure you get all these features in your images.


When a photograph is taken at the right moment from the right angle it shows exactly what your intent was with the movement. While the photographer has to time it just right you can help by picking clothing that showcases the movement.

You should also not hold back on picture day. Those epic but brief moments can be turned into striking photographs. Luckily for you modern technology led to cameras with the right shutter speed. They can produce—in focus—images of fast moving subjects. So you just keep dancing.


My favorite picture I saw this week was of a dancer shown soaring through the sky quite a distance from the floor. When you jump during a dance it can be fleeting. But when the photographer captures you in an elevated position it’s captured forever. Your fans or your potential employers can stare indefinitely at this proof of your skill, agility and the perfect pose you hold while so high up.


You know the importance of color when you’re on stage. It’s no different when you’re taking photographs for a portfolio or to promote one of your performances. Make sure the hues communicate the message you want to bring across.

Don’t forget to play with the power of contrast. A simple black and white—yes these are colors too—photograph cuts away all the excess information and simply shows the viewer the essence of your pose.

An Entire Story in An Instant

This is where you need that expertise of a seasoned photographer: One image can tell an entire story whether it’s you or a group of dancers in the picture.

A photographer understands the power of framing, light and balance. This can be used to communicate peace, drama, confusion or many other story lines

What do you want people to remember after viewing your images? Tell this to your photographer so he or she can plan and capture.

What’s Memorable

Or perhaps you just want the viewer to remember one small part of you:

  • Your hands
  • A pointed foot
  • Jewelry

A skilled photographer will ensure no one misses it just by positioning everything perfectly.

Ready to let your dance come alive in an image? It seems contradictory right? Wait until you see the results.

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