Who likes posing for photographs, right? Well you better start practicing your smile because a headshot could mean the difference between success and failure.

Does that sound a bit dramatic? It’s actually not. Because you live in an age where consumers, employers and society are pestered with visual stimulation you need to join the multitudes. Text in advertising, communication and other applications is no longer enough. If you join the fight you need weapons that actually work.

One of these is a headshot that can accompany your personal information in professional communication. And I’m not talking about a selfie.

This is getting more important in various contexts but people in some niches don’t realize they’re missing out on opportunities because of a few pixels.

1. Executives

You’ve made it to the top so why try to impress people, right? That’s not a smart approach to have if you want to keep your executive position or benefit your company.

You know you’re the best, but unfortunately you still have to prove it to others and the modern age asks a few unique approaches.

The lack of a photograph or a low quality one can affect how clients, subordinates or possible partners view and respect you. Using a picture of yourself at the last office party is the best way to ruin someone’s opinion of you even before the first meeting.

And you know these pictures are available to the world with a click of a button so anyone that can affect your success can gain access to them. Rather use a professional headshot and make sure public opinion aligns with how good you are at your job.

2. First Time Job Applicants

Who’s going to look at your profiles, right? Actually everyone will. And I’m not only talking about your LinkedIn account.

Social media platforms are fast becoming the go to tool to do background checks on applicants. A proper headshot featured on all of these will prove you’re serious about seeming professional even if there are a few images with you enjoying life with your mates. And if you use the right picture on LinkedIn your resume will be the one that’s noticed among the many others.

3. Online Dating Hopefuls

Are you tired of attracting the wrong type of people? Perhaps it’s your profile picture sending the wrong message.

Everything from the background in your image to your clothing will affect who responds to your profile. Here’s an example: If you want your dates to respect you from the get-go make sure you don’t wear clothing that’s too revealing.

4. Employers

If you’re the one vetting job applicants your online profile doesn’t matter, right? Wrong!

Your business’ success is determined by the quality of the employees you attract. The modern job seeker researches companies and their current teams before signing a work contract. The real talent in the job market wants to make the right long term decisions. If your profile picture doesn’t promote you as an excellent employer they may sign that contract with your competitor.

5. Small Business Owners & eCommerce Entrepreneurs

You may think it’s all about the products or services you sell but your audience actually wants to know about you too. You’ll draw more loyalty from clients who trust you and a headshot portraying you as professional, approachable & trustworthy can be the first step in the right direction.

Do you fall into one of these groups? I bet your headshot photo session just went to the top of your to do list.

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